Maligne Lake, Jasper National Pk.


Each year we organize a number of single and multi-day workshops that include some or all of these 3 components:

  • Discover
  • Learn
  • Share


We pick locations that will provide inspiration for your artistic eye, include classroom components that will provide you with skills to improve your photography, and above all, share your passion with other likeminded people.


Great things happen when people with a common passion work together to elevate each other.



Milk River, Alberta

A Unesco World Heritage Site, Writing on Stone, or, ‘Aisinai pi’ in the Blackfoot language is a sacred place to the Blackfoot people. The stories of their lives and traditions are carved in the sandstone formations that border the Milk River which flows through the park.

The cliffs, coulees and sandstone formations bordering the lush Milk River valley offer photographers a myriad of possibilities that will tease your creative eye. 


  • June 17th – 19th
  • Oct. 14th – 16th


Rosebud, Alberta

With the help of talent from the  Rosebud live theatre, we will take a step back in time in the community of Rosebud. The community is a trip back in time to the turn of the 20th century and adding models dressed in clothing appropriate to the time period is the icing on the cake. We are combining a natural light portrait workshop with an opportunity to also capture images of a community from a bygone era. We anticipate this workshop to be very popular and may open a 2nd date as well.


  • July 24th
  • Aug. 28th


Banff, Alberta

Banff, and the national park where it is situated has become one of the premiere mountain park tourist destinations in the world. For anybody who has visited or is lucky enough to live here, this is no surprise. Surrounded by breath taking scenery, it’s a photographers dream, and we want to take you to some of these spectacular spots at a time where we can avoid the crowds and delays. Please join us for 3 days that will provide you with experiences, new friends and great photos.


  • June   10th – 12th
  • October 7th – 9th


Field, B.C.

This is the smaller, lesser known cousin to Banff National Park. Equally as impressive as Banff, but without the crowds and reputation, Yoho is a hidden gem tucked into the shoulder of Banff National Park. Our workshop will visit some of these places and we will discover what makes Yoho so unique in the Canadian Rockies. To the First Nations people, Yoho means -‘Awe and Wonder’ for good reason. Join us and find out why.


  • June 24th – 26th
  • Sept.23rd – 25th


Rowley, Alberta

Join us on location for a day dedicated to improving your portrait photography skills, on an old movie set and ghost town. Rowley was a ghost town until Ann wheeler discovered it and made it into a movie set for the film -‘Bye Bye Blues’. Rather than let the movie set return to its ghost town state, the local population has maintained the movie set and promoted it as a tourist attraction. We will have no problem finding great backdrops for our portrait sessions as well as time to wander through the community and capture some personal images as well.


  • July 10th
  • Aug.14th

Birds of Prey Centre

Coaldale, Alberta

This is a rare opportunity to get up and close to a number of different raptors. No, not the Jurassic Park type, but eagles, hawks, owls and a few other lesser known feathered carnivores. For anybody who is a bird lover and photographer, this is a great opportunity to spend a day with our fine feathered friends. The staff at the centre have made some special accommodations for us that will provide you with an opportunity to capture some amazing photos. This will be very popular, so please join us soon.


  • July 17th
  • Aug.21st.