If you have a story that needs telling we definitely have the tools and experience to help make this happen.

We are a group of experienced  professionals who love to provide solutions for customers with branding, marketing and advertising challenges. We bring a tremendous amount of experience to the table and the formal training to back it up.


We can write, organize, design, create images and finish projects that are on time, and on budget.  We’ve been doing this for quite some time, and are constantly refining how we do it, and with what tools. Our world isn’t standing still, and neither are we. 


Capturing still or motion images of people wherever they are is one of our passions. We love hearing their stories about where they live, work, and play. 

The perfect day is one where we help a client achieve their goals by doing what we love. We do this with the services we provide, and several decades of experience, all at a small crew price tag. You can choose to hire the big production crew and they will probably do a great job, at a great expense. We are a small team that produces big results, and are able to adjust quickly to the unexpected and move quickly when necessary,

Mega Projects

Some of the most challenging projects we have worked on are the ones that require us to use all of our resources and manpower to provide the finished products that the customer requested, and in most cases, over a long period of time. This might include the people and equipment we put in the field, as well as the computer work we do in Post Production.

The Heartland Transmission Project is an example of this type of project, and had our team working overtime in the field and at the office for a period of 18 months. Check out our Stills page for more information about this project.

On any given day we might be on an industrial site, hanging out of a helicopter, mixing it up with the board of directors group, building a 3D simulation of a product or process, or leading a workshop in the great outdoors. One of our strengths is the ability to mix and match services to provide solutions to unique problems. If we can’t find a solution,  there may not be one.

We have grown, but we haven’t forgotten where we started, every job however complex or simple is treated like it’s our first job. If you want a portrait taken, or a factory rendered in a 3D simulation, they are equally important. We love what we do and we hope our enthusiasm is infectious. 

These are some of the businesses, and public offices that we have helped :


Alberta Tourism, Suncor Energy, Bantrel, Shell, Enbridge / IPL, Volant Products Inc., Bechtel, Royal Bank, Arctic Transportation Ltd., Banff, Lake Louise Tourism, Edmonton Economic Development, AltaLink, AECOM, Alberta Innovates, C-FER, Alberta Agriculture, Gulf Canada, Shaw Communications, Arteif Furniture, Alberta Health Services, Grant McEwan University, Good Samaritan Society, Lilydale Foods. 

What Others are Saying

I have known and worked with Litebox on a variety of projects over the past three decades. During that time, I have come to know them very well, both in their professional capacity, and as friends. I have been the client representative, and Litebox has provided the creative input required to turn my ideas into useful graphic elements. Our collaborations have included both still photography and video production.

The reason we have been able to become (and stay) friends, yet still work together effectively is our mutual respect, a clear understanding of our roles, and confidence about what each of us will bring to a project.


Bill Roggensack PhD FEC FCAE PEng
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Volant Products Inc.

Litebox Productions – Trusted photo/video guys. Exceptional outcomes

They have exceptional technical skills. They are proficient in using cameras and have a superb understanding of studio and exterior lighting. They are adept at using photo & video editing software to complete post-production work.

Litebox –  modern, master artisans. 


With a clear understanding of specific industry cultures, photographic trends, classic film and digital applications, The Litebox group are master photographers and videographers across many domains. 

At ease with CEOs and with contacts of all levels. They are a long-time valued asset to our creative arsenal.


James Shrimpton

Senior Designer & Creative Guru

Helix Design Communications Inc.



phone: 403.809.0675

email: [email protected]

Marketing your services, products and people relies on your ability to reach out to your customers with your message and story, and there isn’t a better way to do that than with motion or still images. That’s our specialty, and we love helping others get their customers attention. Whether it’s a video, some eye catching images or a website, eNewsletter or Social Media content, we can help you by creating some attention grabbing visuals.