One of the most overlooked elements of any organizations social sites, websites, printed documents, folders or sales material is the content. Content is all the creative elements that are used to attract attention and inform the reader. Anything from photos, videos, writing, animations, etc..  I’m sure you get the picture. (no pun intended)

And that’s our specialty, to take your idea and add all the elements that will drive traffic to your products, services or message that you are conveying.


We also have another side to our business that offers PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS that provide participants an opportunity to elevate their photography skills, discover new inspiring places and share their new found skills with likeminded people. For anybody with a passion for photography these workshops are something to seriously consider.


A number of our services can be purchased online by using our STORE page, or the – OUR STORE – list on the  right sidebar on this, or any page. Once you have made a purchase, a receipt will be sent to you as well as some appointment options. 


The cost for group portraits will be quoted, and will depend on the number of people. There are two levels of group portraits – premium and executive levels.


All the people are photographed individually and the final image is a digital composite image of the best images of each person combined with a background of your choice. Absolutely the best way to get the expressions and location of your choice together.


A location of your choice with all participants together. Final image will be chosen by you from a number of selections, and digitally enhanced to provide the best image possible. 


We also offer our expertise in digital enhancements, content development, video editing, photo restoration, animation, library archiving and file preparation to clients. Post-production service costs will be quoted depending on the work to be done.



On-site video production and photo projects will be quoted to customers. These type of projects generally require consultation with customers before the scope of the project is finalized. Please contact us to discuss.

Please use this contact form to send us any requests or questions that you have. If you are booking a service please provide us with a few appointment times that work for you.


We can then make an appropriate choice with our schedule as well. If there is a booking issue, please let us know and we will make every effort to provide a solution.

Call, text or email us if you have questions, and to confirm details of a project. We use the automated services to provide a quick method of initiating a project, but we still like to talk to clients to make sure we are on the same page. Call it old fashioned, but it really does work. We look forward to helping you!