This is our brief attempt at summarizing several decades of creative work and experience into a few short paragraphs. What we can definitely tell you in a few short words, is that no matter what the project we will provide you with an exceptional product. 

Who We Are:

We are a group of experienced  professionals who love to solve other peoples branding and identity problems. If you have a brand,  product,  service,  person, or an idea that needs to be noticed we can help. Or maybe it’s time for a change in how customers see you.

We bring a tremendous amount of experience to the table and the formal training to back it up. We can write, organize, design, create images and finish projects that are on time, and on budget. The sprinkling of grey hairs that we’ve earned can be attributed to too many late nights and looming deadlines. (if only it were that simple) We’ve been doing this for over twenty years, and are constantly refining how we do it, and with what tools. Our world isn’t standing still, and neither are we. 

We offer clients simple solutions when they need it, but are also equipped to provide complex and unique solutions when required. We do think that our combined knowledge and experience helps us to be problem solvers no matter what the challenge is. 

The Perfect Day For Us:

We start our day with the question – how is today going to help change how people see our customer?

Whatever we have planned for the day is focused on bringing change for our customer. The changes might be introducing a new product, service or staff member to their customers. Or, it might be the start of a new branding campaign that will bring about change throughout the customers organization. Whatever it is, we are there to create change, and it might start with a new visual campaign.

Our day might start with packing our bags to drive, fly or float to our next adventure. We’ve produced a visual wish list with the client and we have made all the arrangements to make it happen.  There is a certain level of being prepared for the unexpected, possibly some roadblocks that might need to be negotiated, but in the end a well prepared plan will make it happen. This isn’t something new to us, but we always get excited with the anticipation of the stories and images we will bring back.

It doesn’t end there, we are already planning what we will do in the Post-Production phase of the project, and how ultimately this will all fit in with our clients expectations.  A well thought out plan, coordinated with our hands-on expertise will be a great start to bringing about change. 

This is what we love, this is what our clients hire us for, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Always Thankful:


We are very thankful for what we have. Being able to pursue something we love doing as a career is the ultimate blessing, and we can thank our clients for this, some God given talents and the rest is  hard work. 


A strong work ethic within our group has been one of our common strengths, and a desire to do our best with every job. We do love what we do. It shows with our enthusiasms and dedication to the job at hand. 

We Have Grown:


Through twenty plus years of growth, Litebox has evolved  from a commercial photography business to a multifaceted digital imaging company offering a number of services and products to a diverse clientele.


On any given day we might be on an industrial site, hanging out of a helicopter, mixing it up with the board of directors group, building a 3D simulation of a product or process, or leading a workshop in the great outdoors. One of our strengths is the ability to mix and match services to provide solutions to unique problems. If we can’t find a solution,  there may not be one.


We have grown, but we haven’t forgotten where we started, every job however complex or simple is treated like it’s our first job. If you want a portrait taken, or a factory rendered in a 3D simulation, they are equally important. We love what we do and we hope our enthusiasm is infectious. (this is a word not used lightly right now)


These are some of the businesses, and public offices that we have helped :


Alberta Tourism, Suncor Energy, Bantrel, Shell, Enbridge / IPL, Volant Products Inc., Bechtel, Royal Bank, Arctic Transportation Ltd., Banff, Lake Louise Tourism, Edmonton Economic Development, AltaLink, AECOM, Alberta Innovates, C-FER, Alberta Agriculture, Gulf Canada, Shaw Communications, Arteif Furniture, Alberta Health Services, Grant McEwan University, Good Samaritan Society, Lilydale Foods. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us and we would be happy to answer your enquiries.

We definitely like getting up in the morning to go to work! It’s a rare occasion that it actually feels like work.