What started out as a Sunday brunch ended up with a photo shoot.


We were out for a Sunday brunch and both my wife and I noticed this beautiful young girl seated next to us with her family.


If you don’t ask, it will never happen, so we enquired if it would be possible to setup a photo shoot with the young girl. The family was quite excited at the prospect and we made arrangements to make it happen the following week.


With the young girl being only 3 years of age, we knew from experience that we had maybe 1/2 hour to get the photos before her focus and patience ran out. We were correct with our assumption, and we wrapped up the shoot knowing we did get some great photos of her.


We did our post production work on the files, uploaded and sent preview files to the family for them to pick and choose the final images.


Another one of those moments that makes our work so rewarding. We get to do what we love and give something to somebody else as well!