“You are going to give away the 60 best prime years of your life for the 20 poorest years of your health”.

                                                     Bob Wells



After economic circumstances forced Bob Wells to go out and live on the road, he realized that true freedom wasn’t experienced until he became much less dependent on money. He stated that the lies that we are fed about the quality of our lives depending on the pursuit of the American Dream – the big house, cars, the 9 to 5 job for 50 weeks of the year, with 2 weeks vacation, the pension and whatever else we can put away for the final couple of decades of our lives where we can retire in style. 

The sad part is that we become slaves to the pursuit of money so we can live out our lives pursuing this fictional dream. Many of us become increasingly unhappy trying to attain this goal that eludes us. Maybe if we try harder, or what am I doing wrong are thoughts that probably go through many of our minds.

Possibly what we are doing wrong is letting the pursuit of money control our lives. It’s no small coincidence that both the Quran and the Bible say the same thing in different words:

“Your riches and your children may be a trial”.

“You cannot serve both God and money”.

It’s obvious that what Bob Wells has to say about our culture is catching on, he has a starring role in the Hollywood film Nomadland, which has been nominated for several Academy Awards.