For those of you who haven’t watched some of the TED lectures, we would highly recommend that you make it a must do. If you have a family, get the kids to watch as well.

If this doesn’t inspire them to follow their dreams, nothing will. The two videos we’ve included are talks by Will Marshal, who is the cofounder of Planet Labs. 

Planet Labs was started in a garage by several very smart individuals who had a great idea – to provide Photogrammetry images of the earth unlike anything that had been done before.

Isn’t this just another satellite launched into space to keep an eye on us, or to provide some sort of communication capability? Well, they are doing it in a radically different way. Have a look at the first video and find out what they have done that is so different.

They’ve taken a technology that traditionally only organizations like NASA were involved in, and demonstrated the possibilities for anybody with an idea and the desire to pursue it. 

Not only have they competed with the big boys, but in some ways they have eclipsed them. They miniaturized the satellites they have developed, along with reducing the cost exponentially, and  made the data that they will collect available to everybody. 

It would seem that the challenge from their management team is for other people to use this information to do something good for humanity.

Checkout the 2nd video and let your imagination go with the possibilities of how this data can be utilized to help mankind.

We sum it up in a few words – no limits.