Canon EOS R5


For the equipment junkies of the world this camera is the stuff of dreams! A mirrorless camera that captures 45MB raw photos, is able to shoot 8K raw video files, and is the size of a professional DSLR camera.

So far all the testing and reviews have proven that Canon has manufactured another winning product. Here is Canon’s official tech specs of the camera for those of you who love the details.


Canon developed a new 45 Megapixel full-frame sensor for the EOS R5, and is the heart of it’s superb image quality. The same sensor allows for 8K DCI cinematic movie capture and the ability to extract 35.4 Megapixel still images from the video frames. 

Continuous capture at speeds of up to 20 frames-per-second are possible and the Dual Pixel CMOS AF II system will capture those frames with tack sharp precision. With its 1,053 Automatic AF zone system, it is easier than ever to photograph anything moving.If you need a bit more stabilization in your photos or video, the 5-axis in-body image stabilization can effectively compensate for camera shake with approximately 8 stops of stabilization when the matching lenses are used.If you need to send the perfect photo or video clip right away, the camera has both   5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, built-in.

For us, we can’t wait to add this camera to our inventory. It will allow us to capture superb stills and video footage from one camera  at the flick of a switch. Its size will also allow us to shoot 8K video from camera positions that until now, were impossible to get to. Outstanding!

For more information, checkout Canon USA’s website.