Most of us have dreamed about doing something for ourselves at some point in life. Maybe it was a dream job, career or hobby. Regardless of what it is, the one thing that all the dreams had in common was the thought of how satisfied we would feel it we could make it happen.

Unfortunately having a dream and making a dream come true are two different things. If you don’t know this already, 3 out of 4 people are working jobs they don’t like. Chances are  many of these people had a dream of changing that, and put it off till ‘tomorrow’.

Unfortunately ‘tomorrow’ is by definition the day after today, and they kept telling themselves this, day after day. Guess what, life is not a rehearsal, and there is no second chance at life. Making your dream come true will involve making a decision to do it, and then never give up in pursuing it.

There will always be people who try to convince you that it’s not a good idea, too many risks, no guarantees, and a good chance that it will fail. Well, guess what, if you don’t try there is a 100% chance that it will fail, that your dreams will never happen and you will be guaranteed that you will be disappointed. Your biggest disappointment will be in yourself for not trying!

It will mean hard work, but remember that you are working towards something. See your dream clearly, set some goals, work hard and make it happen.

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One last thing to keep in mind – it’s never too late!