The morning was spectacular, we got what we needed and more. As we were packing up the clouds rolled back in and the rain started to come down. 

Our prayers were answered and we were on schedule. Thank you God!

Lea contacted us with a request to provide some images for Marks soon to be released album. We were delighted to help out, and then she mentioned the timelines – they were going to production in the next few weeks.

Translated, we were going to have to shoot, do any digital work and provide finished files in the next week. Then the other bomb dropped, they would like something outside, sort of grassroots, with a country spin to it. 

We were right in the middle of a low pressure zone, with lots of rain, clouds and little to no sunshine. Well, we do love a challenge.

Thankfully Lea suggested this location north of the city that just might provide us with all the elements.

We decided to stay overnight closer to our location, which made an early morning start that much easier to deal with.

We met Lea and Mark that evening to go over the layouts and do a bit of planning. One glance out the window and we all decided that a little prayer for good weather would be in order. It was pouring rain out!

The next morning we were all up at the crack of dawn, rushed to the window to check the weather and nothing had changed. At the breakfast table we were sure we heard somebody say, “trust in God”. So we did, packed up the gear, got squared away with our destination and away we went.

As we approached the destination, we drove out of the rain, the clouds started to part and one could almost sense the mood change.

Stepping out of the vehicles we all looked at each other at about the same time and there was a race to see who could thank God for this small miracle!

For those of you who are doubting the power of prayer, this is a great story to inspire you to rethink your doubt.