What is the first impression that you want to present to the world?


In this internet connected world we live in today, creating your first impression as a business or an individual often means having a website, or blog post.

Think of your website or blog as your resume or CV, and the whole world as the person reading it. That puts it into perspective and reinforces how important it is that your website/blog is as good as possible. If that sounds intimidating then don’t try to create it on your own.  That’s why we are here, to make sure that all the information you need to tell people is covered in your website/blog, and in a presentable manner, that works.


For many customers the idea of planning your content and acquiring it is often an overlooked step. Knowing the technical details of file sizes and types, what a hyperlink is, and how to create page transitions, etc. is all part of what goes into a website/blog. Given time and budgets, we can help with this by  providing photo, video and writing services to flush out any website or blog.


Building a website/blog is very much like planning a corporate video, there are planning stages, production stages and testing stages. All of which are necessary to ensure that it works, and reflects what you are trying to say to your viewers. Depending on what your intentions are, your website/blog can be something simple, or more in-depth and contain multiple pages. Obviously the planning and production time will vary depending on the complexity of the project. Your first step in this process should be to contact us and discuss the project. From this we can determine what your needs are, and what a projected timeline might look like. 

We look forward to being able to help you make your ideas a reality.

E-Newsletter, Posts and Blog Design & Content  

Keeping Your Customers Informed

Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Issues

Part of a Well Planned & Executed Marketing Plan



Whether it’s the products you sell, or the services you provide, or just an update on your personal life,  sending an E-News email on a regular basis is a great idea. You will find that customers and friends will enjoy looking through them if they are well thought out and prepared. 

We can help you with an E-News program that highlights your businesses successes, new products and services, or just keeps your friends up to date with your life. Our services can provide you with options for keeping your content up to date, fresh and interesting.

We can also provide you with an ongoing program that doesn’t involve a huge learning curve for you or your co-workers, and time away from what you do best.

For further information, please contact us to discuss your needs.