The 1% Experience



Imagine spending a long work day with constant noise, heavy equipment, dangerous and dirty conditions. Now imagine doing this for twelve hours every day, for two to three weeks at a time, with one week off, and then back at it, 365 days a year. This is what the drilling industry expects, this is what the rig hands endure, and this is why they are paid very well. It's a tough choice to make and for those who choose to have a family at some time that can be a game changer.

We got a brief glimpse into this industry when we spent several days (1% of a year) at a triple rig situated on the east slopes of the Rocky Mountains, late in the fall. This location was definitely not convenient, it took the better part of a day to reach the location, and another day to get home. We were also reminded of the requirements expected of anybody working on, or near the rig platform, as we suited up in our Nomex fireproof coveralls, steel toed boots, safety vest, gloves, safety glasses and hard hat. It didn't matter if the temperatures were +30, or -30 degrees, this is what we had to wear to be on or near the rig platform. It definitely made the job more difficult once we added all our photo and video equipment to the equation.

Would we do it again? Absolutely!  It wasn't the first time, and this is part of what we love so much about our work, we get to see and experience what other people do for work and where. Even if it's only a 1% experience.

A Week in The Rockies


The Canadian Rockies - It Doesn't Feel Like Work

We spent a fantastic week in the Canadian Rockies Shooting for the Canadian Tourism Association and Travel Alberta. We won't forget this one because it was in one of our top choices for destinations in the world. Fantastic scenery, wildlife, fresh air and an opportunity to do what we love to do in all of this.

Our beloved director leading the troops, whilst we take all the risks climbing ladders and swimming with the sharks. Well, how about minos. The water was so cold we were convinced nothing would want to live in it, nor would they survive more than a few moments, including us.