We have aN extensive collection of limited edition prints available for display in office or in your home. 

Images can be printed on a wide variety of materials, from metal to canvas, and everything in between. All of these materials can be printed in both standard and custom sizing.

Standard Sizing:

(2:3 ratio)   

  • 8×12 inch
  • 12×18 inch
  • 18×27 inch
  • 20×30 inch
  • 24×36 inch
  • 30×45 inch
  • 36×54 inch
  • 40×60 inch
Mounting Materials:
  • Metal
  • Canvas
  • Acrylic
  • Photo Paper
  • Plastic
  • Plexiglass

Custom sizes can be whatever size you choose, but remember that some image cropping might occur.


We recommend the following when looking at print sizes and materials:

Have a look at the finishings and colours in the room – try to imagine what different materials would look like, and also what would compliment the room.  As well, measure out the wall space where you want to place the image or images, keeping in mind what print sizes would best suite the space. 

Once you’ve shortlisted what you want, contact us to discuss the details. 

We also offer custom image altering services, which can add a unique look to any image: watercolour, sepia toned, black & white, etc.. If this interests you contact us to discuss your ideas.