Volant Oilfield Services & Noetic Engineering

Every time we work with this executive group I am a bit humbled by the brainpower they represent. Without a doubt they are the most intelligent group of engineers, software developers and decision makers I have had the pleasure of working with.

Our discussions are memorable and I am sure we have solved all the worlds problems many times over by the time our session is finished.

Norcal Group

"It's just a building".

We've heard this comment from many people and I guess to them, it really is just another building. To our client, it's something that is very important to them and they might just possibly take some pride in it. For us, it's another project that we feel very fortunate in being able to help our client show it off as best we can. Every job is important and we take pride in doing our best to help clients show their best side.

It's not only important to our client, it's important to us too!

Volant Oilfield Services

Aside from their fleet and staff, our client wanted some of their inventory photographed, and if possible, please make it look sexy.

We do love a challenge and industrial photography can provide that in spades!


It’s quite possible that in the not so distant future that human conflict will arise over access to drinking water. We unfortunately seem to be diverging in our solutions to this problem - human population is growing and available drinking water is shrinking. We all need to do our part in finding a solution.
This was one of our latest assignments.


An Engineering Marvel

Anybody who has had a chance to walk through an oil refinery would probably marvel at the enormous size and complexity of the project. Put it simply, it's a bloody miracle that it works!

The sheer size alone would put even the most trusting in doubt that something useful would come out of the taps at the 'other end'. From the perspective of an engineer, or anybody who understands the processes involved, it's really just a series of smaller processes all attached to each other with the same goal in mind - produce various refined products from their raw source - oil.

We had an opportunity to spend some time at two different refineries - one in Sarnia, and the other in Denver. Both were unique in their own way, and similar in size - enormous!