If you are like us, there is no better feeling than when you give something to some one who least expects it.

Our GIFTING program works very much like this, and it provides people an opportunity to let somebody special know they are thinking about them.

What can you give them?

  • A personal, group or family portrait session – a very popular choice
  • Art Decor – a photographic print presented on one of many finishes, sized to fit a particular space in a home or office.
  • Do they have a hard drive full of family or business video footage that needs to be edited to a presentable video?
  • Old family photos that need to be restored – yes, we do a very good job of this
  • Sign them up for one of our Workshops (this is one of our most popular GIFT items)
  • Or you may have another idea that we can discuss 

How Does it Work?

  • GIFTING is simply an act of kindness. 
  • Is there a special occasion – birthday, holiday, retirement, or thank you for a business deal or their help? 
  • Choose something that you would like to GIFT somebody else with. 
  • Contact us with your idea – discuss with us any special requests.
  • Provide us with the details of who is receiving the GIFT and when.
  • Let us do the rest – we will send a GIFT email to your recipient and make the arrangements.
  • You will also receive a GIFT thank you email once your act of kindness is complete.

Kindness has a way of returning the favour.