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Deanz Garage - Vulcun Corner - Personal Project

We've spent years doing something that we love, and as a result we bring passion, experience, and a desire to do the best we can for you. We've been very fortunate to be supported by, a dedicated group of professionals who have collaborated with us on projects, and a long list of clients who have trusted us to provide them with their visual solutions. 

Thanks to the these people, we've been able to pursue our dreams in providing great visuals of the people who make the stories, and the places that provide the backdrops. It's in our blood, we love what we do and will continue to do our very best in providing our customers with the best work we can produce. Over the years we've worked on so many great projects, with so many great clients, that we will mention just a few of them, but thank all of them for their confidence and support:

Suncor Energy, Grant MacEwan University College, Edmonton Public School Board, Shell Canada, PanArctic Oil, Gulf Canada, AltaLink, Alberta Tourism, Banff, Lake Louise Tourism, Canadian Tourism Council, Concordia College, Total, Volant Products & Services, Precision Drilling, AECOM Engineering, Forest Construction, Wolf Homes, PeBen Pipeline, Enbridge, ATRF, Bantrel, Bechtel. 



Doran clark has been working in the commercial photography and video industry for several decades now, and as he describes it:

"I love what I do, always will. Every project feels just like the first project I ever did, the excitement is there, the planning and the execution. It is easier now, I have a lot more experience, better technology and when needed, a group of experts ready to help".

He is also an educator, having been a sessional instructor at a number of local Colleges and Universities, as well as the workshops that he runs each year. He is passionate about his work and loves to share this with others.


Doran is very fortunate to be supported by an intelligent and equally creative thinker, Cynthia Kovacs. She takes on the role of producer and makes it all happen seamlessly. Her background in communications and marketing is an invaluable  asset on and off the set, and her opinion is always a welcome addition.





If you would like to learn more about us please contact us with your questions. We would be more than happy to address any questions you have and provide you with a bit more insight on how we work.