The Simple Pleasures in Life

It would seem that the problems of 2020 will continue well into 2021, and that means that we need to develop a survival guide, if you haven’t already.

For us, we take every opportunity we can to get outdoors and do some sort of activity, and if we can combine some jaw dropping scenery with it, even better. 

The perfect cabin in the right location provides therapy as good as the spa (we had a few arguments about this), especially surrounded by mountains.

If the numbers are correct, it is very encouraging to see so many people getting out and enjoying all that Canada has to offer in the great outdoors. 

We are so blessed to live here, the country is huge and filled with so much to see and experience. Whether it’s your own backyard or a trip to a National Park, please enjoy and leave it untouched so other people can enjoy it as well.

Please also remember to support the local economy as much as you can, these people in the communities that rely on tourism are suffering through this pandemic.

Sharing is good, and is often repaid  when you might need it the most. 

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  1. I love the variety, and didn’t expect this on a business website. I am glad you are not just writing about what you have done.
    Keep writing the great posts that are both inspiring and thought provoking.

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