Pond hockey – Truly Canadian


Winter got you down? Stuck indoors for too long! This is definitely a solution to that - Pond Hockey!

Every winter at just about the coldest, darkest time of the year a migration occurs in Northern Alberta, to the little known community of Peace River. Hockey crazy Canadians from Western Canada come to play and watch teams compete for the honour of top Pond Hockey spot.

The venue takes place on nearby Cardinal Lake and Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park. The conditions are harsh, a wind blasted frozen lake is turned into a series of hockey arenas where teams compete over the course of a weekend. This year was particularly harsh, the temperatures at the lake were hovering around - 35C for most of the weekend, with a slight breeze for those who worked up a sweat.

The hardest part was being a spectator, standing or sitting through the cold, whilst cheering your favourite team on!

Some Assembly Required!


As with most things in life, assembling a wind generator, let alone several of them, requires a lot more work than most people realize, or can even imagine. Every time one of these massive wind generators shows up in the landscape, the usual reaction is - "wow that sure went up quickly". If only they realized the amount of planning, logistics and assembly that goes into completing one of these towers, let alone a whole series of them.

The Southern Alberta landscape is being forever altered by these towers and 'Wind Farms', a popular local name for the groups of towers that dot the landscape.


Factory Floor


We had a very humbling experience working at several of  Lilydale's factories, on an editorial assignment for their head office.

The first thing we noticed was how grateful these people were to have a job and work for a company that treated them well. Regardless of the work they did, they were happy to be working and helping their family achieve a better life. The vast majority of them were immigrants who had moved to Canada by choice or by neccesity.

Regardless of the work they were doing, it was far better than what they would have been doing if they had stayed in their home country, assuming that they would even have a job.

It's times like this that make us so grateful to be doing what we do, we really are blessed, and always thankful for what we have.


Volant Field Services


Volant Oilfield Services provide a maintenance and service program for all the products that the  parent company manufactures and sells.

A walk through their maintenance shop to see the 'process' of testing, repairing and maintaining the products that are on the work board attest to the process developed by Volant to keep their products in top form. No process is any better than the people running them, and the technicians at Volant are craftsmen at their professions, acquired through years of experience and on-going training.


Millarville Races



The 115th running of the Millarville Races is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon,    especially if the weather is perfect, which it was. It has become more     popular than ever as word spreads through the surrounding communities just how much fun this event is. The crowds were out in force and parking your vehicle          became quite a challenge, especially if you arrived late.Good food, live entertainment, horse racing and fun for the kids, all with a decidedly western feel to it, made for a perfect Sunday outing.


Sexy Industrial Pipes? – YES!



So here's the challenge - how do you make some industrial steel pipe look sexy?

Play with the lighting, and sprinkle in some post production work, and follow the KISS theory - keep it simple stupid. Our motto for most of everything. Industrial projects can be quite a challenge, and we definitely enjoy finding solutions for our clients requests.